My Nysc Experience IV

-By Esohe Taylor 

Everyone  please read this story carefully, it pains me badly because I feel it is severly unfair to women. 

I am born a woman, something I cannot change. I was given permission to travel to Lagos from Ondo by NYSC. 

I went to Ondo State bus park, to enter bus and I was the first to get to the bus so I immediately went to the front. I am tall so it only makes sense I would sit there.

As I opened the door to sit, the man calling people for the bus stopped me to say somebody was there. Imagine an empty bus! I said “who is there? Show me the person”. He just kept arguing that someone was there.  

I was angry and said when the person comes I will stand up then. He refused to allow me sit there. We kept arguing  and then  finally let it slipped, he said “the bus does not allow women sit in the front seat”. I do not understand! Is Nigeria forever going to be this backwards?

How can we claim we empower women or say women are treated fairly when for common seat I must become transgendered to sit in front. My heart is broken. When I seat at the back I suffer pains in my knees for hours.

I explained to them but they would have none of it. Some women there even supported such foolish sayings. What would happen if a woman sits in the front? Will the car combust? Will they Rob it? Will the wheel automatically burst? 

I hate this country most days, this country will make me serve it through NYSC but will also let the state transportation park drivers registered oppress women. Just to feel all powerful.

Photo credit: Google

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