Mobile Hairstylist - Seye Babs

Meet the Mobile Hairstylist

My name  is Babalola Oluwaseye Hannah. I am popularly called Seye Babs, short form of my name.

A student nurse doing my bachelor’s  degree program at the moment.

I am a mobile hairstylist.

Mobile Hairstylist - Seye babs

How Babs Signature Started

Well, well, well, entrepreneurship has always been one thing I always had interest in.  My mum is into business,  she always encourages us to have something doing for ourselves.

Actually my passion for hairstyling started off as an obsession with fashion. I value the art of hair styling. It is amazing how hair can transform people and give them confidence thereby boosting their self esteem. Initially I started by making kids hair. I really love kids and did not like to see them cry when making their hair. So, during my secondary school days on weekends,  I would have my neighbours and church members children come over to the house. I would make their hair for them. Even though I  was not perfect then but it’s kids hair and really nobody cared as it was free 😂. More like I was doing them a favour. I had a way of petting them with candies, biscuits and chocolate and being super patient till the hair was done even if it took the whole day. Then one day I jokingly told my mum I was going to make her hair. She was a bit skeptical at first but then gave it a try and she loved it.

After graduation from secondary school,  I was yet to gain admission into the universirty and it was really frustrating being at home. So I enrolled in a  tutorial and leaders  academy where we were encouraged to be our best and make good use of our time to acquire skills. After my day at the academy I would go to the salon where I make my hair and give a helping hand since I knew the basics of hair styling. That way, I started learning other things about hair styling I never knew.

Moving forward, when I got admission into my present  institution, on a certain day, a friend of mine wanted her hair fixed into a ponytail, which I had never done then. I told her to sit down with so much confidence she was convinced I knew what I was doing 🤣. I finished the hair and viola! It turned out really nice. People started asking who styled her hair for her and she referred them to me. That was how I started making hair for people,even hairstyles I have never done before on my own.

Seye babs


Afterwards I would weave my hair myself, I also started installing weaves on my hair and doing other hairstyles. As time went on I got difficult and challenging hairstyles to make. I just honesty tell them that I have never done such style before but I was willing to give it a try and somehow they tend to believe in me and by the time I’m done with the hair, it always turns out even better than expected.

The Journey

It has not really been easy.Hair styling is time consuming and energy sapping.It is physically taxing generally. Being on your feet for long hours, sometimes all day can lead to foot,  leg and back problems. Many hair stylist also end up having trouble with their shoulders, and it is common for them to develop carpal tunnel syndrome too. But since I really love and enjoy hairstyling I keep pushing through and keep the balance by making out time to rest properly before the next scheduled work so as not to break down.


As a beginner you need money to get your business running but very few people are willing to invest money in an untested business. Your business must have run for a while to show it is practical and profitable. But to start the business in the first place, initial capital is needed and the cycle goes on.

No major successes yet but being in business amidst these challenges is one thing I am really thankful for.

The Future

I am striving to be a global social media leader in professional hairstyling, making of wigs and sales of quality and durable hairs to my clients.

I hope to achieve this feat by putting my customer service skills to work in a challenging industry such as in the entertainment and fashion industry; styling models for photo shoots and runway shows. Other aspirations are to be a platform hair artists, traveling around the world to perform, educate and sell products or services at high-profile industry events and beauty shows.

At the end of my career as a stylist I want to be known as someone who added a new dimension to people’s personality by styling their hair and be said to have made a positive difference in the fashion industry.

We really cannot predict the future but by God’s grace, taking it a step at a time, Babs Signature Nigeria will be known and recognised, nationally and intercontinentally in the fashion industry with even better skills and broader range of services related to hair styling. In 5 years time, Babs Signature Nigeria will be a name and brand to be reckoned with.

I sing, dance, cook and bake too for fun. I knit wools into clothes.

I also baby sit cause I love kids and understand them well.

What keeps me going

Making a difference and creating solutions to people’s problems is the approach I follow with lots of enthusiasm, positive attitude, hard work, brainstorming, planning, implementation and evaluation

I am someone with so much confidence, I believe that anything I put my mind to and work towards aggressively I will achieve and there is no stopping me. I am Seye Babs, in my own world  and I control my world.

Above all God keep me going,  prayer is everything.

Shout out to my parents,  Mr & Mrs Babalola and family at large, Tola Dada, my financial adviser and manager.

My cousin, Temi Kastrow Fakolade.

Most importantly my clients, I could not have made it this far without you guys, especially those who refer people to us.

I am blessed to have you all.