Renaissance by Zeeno


Meet Tolulope Akinkuebi; Renaissance by Zeeno

‏My name is Tolulope Akinkuebi. Most people know me as Zeeno and I prefer to be called that. I am my brand.

I am a fashion entrepreneur.

Titles like C.E.O or the likes do not tickle my fancy. So, I coined the term “Entrepreneur Extraordinaire” because it is the only term that aptly describes what I truly see myself as.

Renaissance by Zeeno

Entrepreneurship has always been my thing because I have always had passion for it, so I dabbled in all sorts of businesses from as early as 100 level in the university. I sold jewelry, clothes, makeup, water and all sorts.

During my service year in 2015, I decided to learn a skill with my free time. Learning all sorts of skills is an obsession for me. That was how Fashion designing was born for me. At first, it was just something to pass the time. Another skill that I would probably never use. As time went on however, I began to realize that I had fallen in love with the glamorous world of fashion. I launched my fashion line; Renaissance by Zeeno in the sane year.

Renaissance by Zeeno

Renaissance by Zeeno

Renaissance by Zeeno


So far, the journey has been quite tough. The thing about being an entrepreneur in Nigeria, is that people always want to go for the lower quality and cheaper options. It can be challenging to find the right kind of people that actually understand the value of classy fashion. You get comments like “My tailor would do this for less” a lot. Also, getting unique fabric can be quite difficult because the fabric market is flooded with replicas. Sometimes I have to travel to other states just to get fabric.

Thr Future

My dream is to become one of the greatest female entrepreneurs the world has ever known. To have my own brand and also dabble in all sorts of products. This is already becoming a reality bit by bit. Very soon, I will be unveiling a new addition to my brand.

In five years, I see myself at the very top, with my name all across the world for good. Doing what I love everyday, motivating and helping others to achieve their dreams.

For fun, I love to read novels because it takes my mind away from stress and for a few moments, I can actually be someone else and somewhere else. Playing chess keeps my mind active and sharp so I live to play it. I love to hang out with close friends at the beach. I hate to be around noise.

Renaissance by Zeeno

One philosophy I live by is to never show people your weaknesses. There are always people ready to exploit those loopholes. Stay strong, with your head held high.

Shoutout to my mother. We definitely have our differences, but she stands by me and gives unending support. That makes everything worth it.

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