Vote Gbogboade Olatokun as member of House of Assembly


Greetings to all the people and residents of Ikeja Constituency 1(Ikeja GRA, Opebi, Onigbongbo, Wasimi, Oregun, Olusosun, Alausa, Onilekere)

My name is Gbogboade Olatokun, a son of the soil, business man and philanthropist.


Born to a very industrious family, my father’s dedication and peculiar work ethics saw him into become the Managing Director of Unipetrol (now Oando). He also became a Commissioner of the Lagos State Civil Service Commission (1995-2000). He was an astute gentleman and key contributor to the development of Lagos state both in the private and public sectors respectively.

My mother had strong business acumen and tenacity.  It saw her into becoming one of the beloved leaders of the then Alade Market shop owners association.

Sheer dedication to work saw her entrepreneural pursuits spill into Opebi and Ikeja GRA and its environs (where I was born and raised). This resulted in the employment and empowerment of members of said communities.

I was born and nurtured in this constituency. Throughout my sojourn in formal education, learning the rudiments of hard work, respect for people, community values and the need to constantly give myself wholeheartedly to the growth and development of same as my parents did, the late Chief and Chief Mrs. Olatokun imbibed in me.


Growing up in this constituency has given me the opportunity to directly experience the continued failures of leadership and the effect of poor representation that has brought untold hardships to my fellow constituents, a situation that need not be so.

Given our geographical spread (IKEJA GRA, Opebi, Onigbongbo, Wasimi, Oregun, Olusosun, Alausa, Onilekere) vis-a-vis the infrastructure and development deficiencies we have as our reality, points to a gap which I humbly present myself to fill.


In my years as an entrepreneur, as well as my time of service in the Lagos State Civil service under the Ministry of Transportation, I have developed strong leadership qualities and cultivated a solutions mentality that I will to bring to bear towards solving the challenges of members of this constituency. I am ready, prepared and geared up to work for the development of the Ikeja constituency 1 as the Representative to the Lagos state house of Assembly with the aim of championing the cause for better law reforms that will be beneficial to its people.

I hope to build a constituency that our children would be proud of, that would be fair to our workforce, that would be safe for our people, that would empower their individual and collective pursuits. I seek to move Ikeja constituency 1 FORWARD! To take health care within the wards FORWARD, to take reduced child mortality FORWARD, to take education and teacher empowerment/welfare FORWARD, to take security FORWARD, to take sports development FORWARD, to take road repairs and maintenance Forward and I can only do this jointly with YOU!

My people we all deserve a new phase of life! We all deserve to move forward and my goal is to bring our genuine collective desire to life.

I am driven with a selfless passion to serve and I stand as the symbol of the new leadership that is youthful and vibrant and one that will definitely build a community of our dreams, push for a Lagos state that will be beneficial to all residents in a completely de-tribalized way.

This is our mission, this is our move, let us make it happen!

Lagos State House of Assembly

GO(Gbogboade Olatokun) FORWARD Ikeja Constituency 1!

GO FORWARD Lagos State!


Vote Gbogboade Olatokun (GO) for Member, Lagos State House of Assembly, Ikeja Constituency 1.