About me:

My name is Temilouwa Olamide Fakolade, but lots people call me by my nick name; Kastrow.

I am a lawyer, political analyst, a businessman and a chartered cobbler who designs handcrafted shoes. I was called to the Nigerian Bar in December 2017. I graduated from the University of Lagos, Akoka in 2015, I am also an alumni if Federal Government college Lagos.

Kastrow shoes

I think I have always been business inclined, my venture in entrepreneurship started in 2011 during the ASSU strike. I was supposed to meet with my tailor and he was not around, I had to wait in the next shop which happened to be a shoe factory. I watched how a cobbler built a brogues shoe from the scratch and I was really impressed. I always loved shoes and I had a lot of free time on my hand, so I developed the interest, learnt the art and started making shoes and selling them.


Entrepreneurship in Nigeria is quite challenging, especially with our failing economy and lack of vision of our leaders. The business environment in Nigeria is too volatile for SMEs to thrive, however we give all glory to God for everything so far. Business is all about overcoming daily challenges with a view to profit, so what are businessmen without challenges?

I cannot really count my successes right now because I am still learning in this business and hoping to grow. I do not want to chase away my helpers, as regards the opportunities in the shoe industry. I would say there is a very big market; the market grows with the population. I mean, every one needs shoes and Joe has not even sold shoes to one tenth of the Lagos population.

The Future

I am not exactly a dreamer, I like to take each day as it comes, but 5 years from now, I would be one of the key players in the shoe industry in West Africa.In 5 years you would find me living my life being Kastrow.

I am a boxer, though not a professional but it helps keep me fit and helps me deal with stress. I am going to feature in a movie one day.

I am too much in love with life, living keeps me going. I love to enjoy life. Life is for the living.

Big shout out to Yomi Causal.