My name is Nneka Igboke but everyone calls me Nyky.

I am a lawyer, Real estate consultant, Entrepreneur. I deal in Ankara fabrics. I make clothes, slides, bags and jewelries.

I grew up watching my mum sew (she is a pharmacist and a tailor). At some point, she stopped buying clothes and started making everything she wears.

Despite that, I was not really interested in making dresses until I started spending my own money, buying my own clothes. Because I love clothes, I was spending almost all my money on them. That was when I really took interest in tailoring. I decided to save myself some money by making my own clothes.

At first I was content just making clothes for just myself. Infact, I still am, but I was pushed by my boyfriend who likes to make the most off opportunities, to turn my skill and hobby into a business. So, I brushed up my sewing and officially started making clothes for others too. I expanded into making slides because I have always had a hard time deciding on sandals or slides to buy so I thought “how hard can this possibly be? It’s just slides”. That is how I started making my own slides. Today, I make and sell Ankara made items, mostly clothes and slides though, on Instagram, Jiji, OLX and Konga.

I chose Ankara as my main fabric because, it is the most common fabric in Nigeria, you can even buy it from hawkers in traffic. It is also quite easy to manipulate and work with.

It has been so far, so good. I have not had that much of a challenge, probably because my client base is still growing. However, my major challenge is getting materials – I mean very unique materials, those you will not see everywhere.

All in all, it has been a satisfying business and I am glad I took it up. Social media and the internet has made everything much easier and simpler. I am not even bothered so much when a client changes her mind about an order, I just turn it into my own & rock it.😂

I would like to expand my products and brand to children and male wears and assesories. I hope to own a chain of stores; where I would sell Nigerian made Ankara designs/products. I also want to have my website/app where people from all over the world can order and buy Ankara products made by not just me but other budding entrepreneurs. I want to give them a platform to showcase their products to the world so they can grow, after all, we rise by lifting others.

Ooh! by God’s grace, in 5 years, my website/app will be up and running and I would most likely be setting up the 2nd or 3rd branch of Nyky’s Place 💃

For fun, I love the beach.

I go to the beach any chance I get. Asides that, I like to lose myself in a good book.

The knowledge that there is nothing I cannot overcome and there is nothing I cannot do once I set my mind to it keeps me going. Also knowing that I have a strong support system – family and friends, goes a long way in keeping me grounded.

Shoutout to everyone who has in one way or the other encouraged me, my tailoring tutors, my clients and most importantly those clients that come back with new clients for me 😍 A very special shout out to two very important persons to me, who have pushed me so much that sometimes I just want to snap and beat them unconscious; 1. My mum – she is a civil servant, a business woman, a designer/dress maker, a bead maker & most importantly a hovering mother. 2. My boyfriend – who is an amazing businessman and always finds a way, when I am absolutely sure that there is no way.