A while ago, we featured Divine Johnson Click HERE  to read his story. He is the CEO of Campus Models Worldwide.

Campus models worldwide is a scouting agency that is based in several universities in the world. We Scout young models from different university and promote them to be noticed by top modeling agencies all over the world.

Overtime in school, I noticed that most top agencies are myopic to the young and good looking faces in campuses and the nice faces(models) do not actually know how to reach these top agencies. So, we help serve as the gateway to them.

Again, we have some low standard agencies on campus. All they do is scam and extort from young and desperate models without giving them the promotion they deserve. And because this models have no other choice, they tend to dance to their beat.

These are some of the issues Campus Models Worldwide is helping to solve. We have come to stand as a good venue to check mate low quality distribution of modeling management on campuses by actually organising MODELS PRO CLASS to educate this models on what they basicly need to know about modeling before they get in. Our scouting venue is at no. 1 johnson drive, Benin City, Edo state. The last session just ended

I work with a huge number of persons. Since it is in several schools, I have an ambassador with a team of five persons in each school. Although the company runs a discentralised system, the ambassadors represent me in different schools and then file reports to me weekly.

We run the Campus Models Carnival annually. Click HERE

Majorly, we get our money from companies that we scout our models to. Models only pay 2000 for their polariod update.

Well finance is a major challenge and combining school works with the company is also a bit of hardwork.

We have got lots of success lately. We hit an international agreement with a Mexican based agency, got our models signed into different agencies, got our scouts working for top agencies in Nigeria.

To get scouted by Campus Models Worldwide, kindly send an  email to campusmodelsworldwide.ng@gmail.com or DM to our instagram handle @campusmodelsworldwide.