Hey guys! So I’ve been getting my spiritual muses going recently, reading my bible and stuff, and in the process of my reading I have particularly paid attention to the expose in the book of Genesis with its interesting narrative of the beginning of mankind. Eventhough, we all know the creation story, I decided to look at the story again a bit more critically; just the way I would if the bible was the evidence of a witness sitting behind the box and narrating his story to the jury. Indeed, the story of Adam and Eve is a significant story for the world because it is the story of all of us. It is about our ancestry, and why we are where we are.


Many see the story of Adam and Eve as a story that speaks about rebellion and its consequences, but for the first time I was able to see that the story is one of the most amazing love stories never narrated, even in the bible!


In the beginning, after God created the earth and all animals, God made the first man: Adam. Adam was given authority over all the animals and over the earth. God created Adam to look like him with features like him and a glow of glory that made Adam God’s replica on earth. God created man, so he could fellowship with him. Surprisingly, God wanted a friend! This was the first love in the Genesis!


God created man with a special “God-like” ability to choose. This was a special thing Adam had and the reason why God always came to discuss with Adam; because Adam could disagree! He could have a different opinion! But there was a problem, Adam was just one. While God enjoyed his company, God noticed that Adam could not always come to talk to him whenever Adam wanted, the way God could come to meet Adam on earth. It was a one-sided relationship! Of course, Adam had many animals around him, but because he also needed someone who could have an opinion, he too needed a friend at those times when God wasn’t there to talk with him. God even spoke to himself once when he saw Adam “It is not good that I created only this man and he is always alone”. “Yes, I gist with him whenever I want to but he cannot gist with me whenever he wants; therefore I will give him someone to gist with but I know that whenever I come around I will still have his attention”. And so, God created Eve.


Eve was nothing special! Adam didn’t like her because she had nice boobs or nice hips! Come on! He didn’t even realize she was naked, so it couldn’t have attracted him. What excited him was the fact that he had a companion he could talk to whenever God wasn’t around and with time he enjoyed her company even more. There were so many things she didn’t know which he taught her from the knowledge he gained from discussions with God. How did I know he told her things? Guess who told her the tree God instructed them not to eat?

Anyways, she also enjoyed learning from him about many things. However, there was someone that had started to watch how close they were getting. Adam knew this person too well! Even if he made himself a stone Adam would know him from his voice because he and God had talked so much about this person! He was the devil disguised as a snake and hidden in the bushes away from Adam and Eve’s light of glory! The devil knew Adam would never believe his snake disguise, but Eve, Eve was still very naïve! Eve was his prime target!


Devil waited long to get Eve alone. Finally, on a day she was alone. “Hey! Hey Eve!” devil whispered from the shade of a tree. Curiously, Eve looked and went closer. She knew Adam had control over everything in the garden and there was nothing that could hurt her except the fruit she wasn’t supposed to eat. “So, I heard you’re not suppose to eat of the fruit of that tree” devil whispered again. Eve turned to look at the tree and nodded like an innocent child. “Well do you know what happens if you eat the fruit”. She paused then shook her head and muttered “No!”. The snake continued “…well I know! You will have so much wisdom. You will know everything Adam is teaching you and even things that God knows. That was what God ate and he knew everything about everything!” She interrupted “ but…Adam he said…he said God said we shouldn’t… or we die!” “Nonsense!” the snake replied again. “Who said? God?! God doesn’t want Adam to know what he knows”. “Adam is wise, but he can be wiser. He believes God too much that is why he will not eat the fruit…but if you eat it and prove to him that it will not kill him but only make him wise, then he will eat it too. Don’t you want Adam to be wiser?” Eve’s reply was quick “I do…I love Adam!” “Good! Then do this for him!” the devil said.


Truly and certainly the advocacy of the devil paid of as Eve took some steps towards the tree to take the fruit, willing to experiment with her own life, thinking she could die but propelled by the thought that she could make her beloved Adam wiser than God. A rebel for love, Eve plucked the fruit and as shivering teeth pierced through the skin of the plum looking fruit darkness covered her eyes! Eve screamed at the top of her voice as her whole world went black!


Adam rushed towards her, attracted by her frightened scream! As he got he saw Eve bent on her knees her skin had lost its glow of glory and the devil stood above her, transformed from the snake to the true form of Lucifer. Beside lucifer where his two sons: Sin and Death! Adam’s eyes where full of tears “Oh no Eve…what have you done?!” Devil smiled at him and said in a victorious voice “You know the law Adam! When you disobey God’s law, you have sinned, and when you sin you must die! Her eyes of understanding have been opened now for she has tasted of the fruit of sin which God casted away from the midst of you. She must die!”


“Please don’t take her life! I love her. I will do anything for her! Please, I pray thee spare her life that I may hold her once again!”. Sin and death had bound Eve with chains to take her away. Devil signaled to them and shouted “Wait! Adam has said he would do anything for me to spare her life…Adam is that true?” Adam whispered as he shed tears “yes…yes, I will”. Devil said again “great then give me all the power and dominion that God has given to you over the earth and I shall spare her life.” Without thinking it through, “I accept…I give you all the powers God has given to me over the earth just spare her life!” Adam cried out! “No way…not like that! To show you accept, you must also eat of the fruit…. take the fruit from the hands of your precious Eve and eat!”. Adam took his last steps as god of the earth and bent down before Eve, her head to the ground in shame, he raised her chin up and said “I Love you” then took a bite from the fruit in her hand, a cracking sound of thunder broke through the sky then everything went dark!

When Adam opened his eyes he saw Eve, covering her breasts and he also covered his manhood and sadly said “We are naked. We have disappointed the Lord and traded his covering of glory with the Devil.” Eve had tears roll down her eyes “I caused this to us. You warned me, but I didn’t listen. I am so sorry Adam…Im sorry!” Adam looked at her and smiled then calmly said “I would rather lose all the glory in this world than lose you”.


God was very angry with Adam and Eve, He chased them away from the garden of Eden, but like Adam God loved man so much that right from when he chased them out of Eden, he already started making a plan to send someone else to die and redeem man from his covenant with the devil and regain dominion over the earth. God went to heaven in search of someone who would lay his life to redeem mankind and cried out from a broken heart “Whom shall I send?! Who shall go for us?”. Jesus, God’s only son in heaven stood forward and said, “Here I’m I Lord! Send me!”.



Oliver Omoredia.

Photocredit: Google