Fashionista or fashion victim?
Annnnnnd! You’ve got to love brown chocolate 😉

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Skimming through my posts, I saw the ‘meet the fashionista’ post. And I was like, ‘wait a minute! Is that a thing or did I just make the word fashionista up?’ ( 😂 yeah, I can be that cool 😎 ). 

So I checked Google and of course I did not make it up. Fashionista is ‘a thing‘ (now,  I am  sure you know what I mean by a thing.  If you don’t, in this context please refer to definition 3 here).

A fashionista according to yourdictionary is someone focused on clothing, style and fashion shopping. A person not to be called a fashionista would be someone who obsessively follows trends (more like slavishly). They are called fashion victims. 

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There is a fine line between being a fashionista and a fashion victim. But this is the crudest way to know if you are dancing into the fashion victim zone; when you follow fashion so much that it starts to make you look silly. 

Brothers in the house make some noise! I’ve got something for you too. Yes! For years y’all trendy guys have argued about being called fashionistas too. Well, here is good news for you! You are still fashionistas 😁. Urban dictionary decided to call you fashionisters, you either stick with this or with the original fashionista title or……… 

Write your own dictionary 😂. I mean, look at RMD…. 

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You’ve got to love him. Especially when they are brown chocolate 😉 

Thanks for reading, stay with us on the fashionista series. Next we shall discussing the job description of fashionistas and how to become one. Remember to like, share and drop your comments 😘