About 2018


Here it comes; the resolutions, promises, determination and all.
Honestly, it is not easy to make all your dreams come true and become all you want to be all by yourself.
But it is all new, it is a clean slate, it is the best place to start. Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. We should be drowning in the ocean of our successes by the end of 2018. But you have to start now. To build that house, start that business, purchase that land, get that degree, woo that lady 😉 /give that Bobo a chance 😁, maintain that contact, bring that idea to life, acquire knowledge, be a better person, start saving, drop that habit….. The list goes on and on but you must start somewhere, and here is the best place to start, now, today!
And in all your doings and droppings of water, remember that you need the grace of God to see you through. So involve Him in everything you do.
Remember also, to make someone smile this year. Take up at least one person as a project to build and impact for good. There is always someone to encourage and help, do not turn the other way. For in helping someone smile you can truly have had a fulfilled year. Here and now is the best place to start.
Alright people! Let’s go rock 2018