Pounded yam or poundo yam, what will it be?……


I don’t even know what to prefer anymore……
Today, I decided that 2018 will be a completely different year from other years starting from today. New year day is normally special fried rice day, but this time I decided to spice things up a bit and have a second dish, pounded yam .
I stared at the yams and they looked back at me like they were daring me to touch them. I was already sweating from thinking about how I was going to pound and pound and pound, I just did not just have the energy for it this morning. I thought of abandoning the whole pounded yam project, BUT! I already made mouth and disturbed the whole house on how I was going to surprise them with my ghen ghen pounded yam and egusi with bitter leaf soup. How am I going to face the Okekwue household if I do not deliver?
My sister said “we have poundo yam o”. I have never tried preparing that before, but I have heard that it is easier to prepare than actually pounding. I started dabbing and dancing #Olamide’s #wo in my mind. Out loud I said “eh, poundo yam does not have the same feel as pounded yam. But I’ll just save time and prepare it so that I can start with the rice”.
First of all, I was not sure if to prepare it the semo way or the wheat meal way (they work differently for me. Maybe I will share my methods with y’all 😉 ). So I went to #onecorner to check Google on how to prepare poundo yam. After reading a couple of procedures, I set out to start.
When I put the poundo yam on fire and started stirring, guess what, lumps everywhere! WHAAAATTTT??? To worsen my situation, I heard my mum coming towards me. OMG! She was going to see my shame, after she raised me to be a proper cook. I started praying, serious prayers o and I continued stirring vigorously, my arm was starting to hurt bad. ‘Google people’ said if you stopped stirring, it would develop lumps. Where had I gone wrong? I because I did not even stop to catch my breath, I just continued turning and turning and my reward was a potful of ‘lumpful’ poundo yam :'( . I almost burst into tears (OK, I’m joking. I’ll just tell everybody to drink water and go to bed. But I was quite disappointed). Why didn’t I just pound? I kept on asking my self. My mum said, just continue turning it. Lo and behold my people, when it thickened completely, all the lumps disappeared! You should have seen the cool look on my face, like ‘Yeah, I’m the chef’. Lol….
Being the cool bae that I am, I wanted to do poundo moulding in the picture above  let us not even talk about that 😂 .
My own is, I am looking for the person that said that preparing poundo yam is easier than actual pounding. If you are the one or one of the people that propagate the idea, just come and massage my right arm. It feels really heavy right now. I need it to function properly so that I can enjoy the new year food I devoted my whole morning to preparing.

Thank you for reading. You may find the procedure for preparing poundo yam in the comment section in case you need to try it out someday. Meanwhile, you can drop your own procedure here. Maybe I got it all wrong that is why I am suffering now 😁
Enjoy the new year celebration  😘
Photo credit: Google