My name is Odunayo O. Fasakin. My family and friends call me OD, Mimare, or Zoe. 

I am a makeup artist, a special effect artist, a martial artist, a lover of children and a foodie, a fun loving person, but to mention a few 😁

As far back as I can remember, I know I have always been fascinated by art. Art for me is not just about paintings, there is more to art than the world knows. We live in a world of art; being able to create things, have innovative ideas and so on. It implies personal, unanalyzed creative power. As a little girl I used to mould stuffs out of clay and other materials. I have always had a flare for creating things with my hands and colours.

Instead of letting this talents go to waste, I decided to turn it into a skill and monetize it 🙈 ,  since it is very satisfying earning out of what one loves to do best.

Guilty! I did this 😁 

Face painting 

Old woman look

Gele tying

 I see make up and art generally as a way of expressing myself, my emotions and my thoughts. I usually say “your instruments are an extension of yourself” in my case my brushes, my paints, my makeup are extensions of myself.

Face beat by yours truly 😘 😍 

I see myself making a difference, I see myself being part of the top special effects artists in the world and if possible beyond. I hope to reach out to people create opportunities for people train people and also I want to create an avenue where people see the world differently through art.

By the grace of God in five years I hope to be among the top ten special effects artists in Nigeria and Africa by then my name and brand should be buzzing on everyone’s lips.

I love to dance, I love acting (see my skits on instagram @odunayomimare), I love going out, unfortunately I do not do that often 😐 , I love to read, I love to think up things and bring them to a domain where I can touch them. 

God is my constant helper any day, I have the most amazing family and my friends, they are a blessing to me.  

A big shout out to my family all my loved ones friends and sisters and brothers at heart I love you all.

These quotes keep me going: ”when the need is greatest,  help is nearest” and ”the future is what you make of now”