My name is Chiedu Mary D. N. My friends and family call me either May or Edu 😀  

I am an engineer, a sucker for fashion (fashioista), I dance, I draw designs, create  stuff and more 😁 . 

The journey into the world of entrepreneurship has not being an easy one but I bless God.  I always wanted to be a model because of my love for clothes, and the joy in trying out different outfits to see the one that fits.

Who would guess that the trouser was a george wrapper before combined with a camisole and a blazer 😁 , with that I  am  all set for Monday. 

I also see fashion sometimes as a way of expressing my emotions like when am sad, happy, or feeling weird, rebellious etc 😜.  

I was bored and I had this idea, so I said to my self ‘why not try it?’ and guess what I did… What do you think of it?  follow me on IG @dim_phyna 

 I also love to help people pick out clothes for different occasions without looking ‘cliché’.The idea is to be comfortable, outstanding and stunning (COS). I believe that Fashion is not about dressing to impress anyone.  Even though  we always want to make a statement with our fashion, but most times are we comfortable?

Denim choker made by me

My dream is to make impact, to inspire and create job opportunities for the young. 5 years from now, I want to be found doing what I love best.  
Things I do for fun? I enjoy cooking. It feels like I am in another world when I  am in the kitchen. I enjoy watching movies :D, I enjoy reading (novels, motivational books, journals etc), I love dancing, I don’t joke with my music too😍, I like to explore… (trying out new things, adventures). 

“Spaghetti with fish and turkey stew” Bon Appétit 😘😍  

 My mom motivates me a whole lot, she’s  got my back anytime, any day, she is my “ride or die chick”. I couldn’t have asked for a better  mom. 

My shout out goes to you Bee,  keep doing what you doing girl,  don’t quit and always believe in yourself. And also to you all out there supporting her by reading and making comments. Thanks a lot y’all 😍.

God keeps me going and this quote ” I can be a Choice, a Priority, a Reason but never an option”
Enjoy the rest of your week!  😍 😘