Getting to know Bee’s Buzz


I am Blessing Okekwue, but my family and very close friends call me Bee, so how about we just settle for that!? 😄

I am a Barrister and Solicitor I based on the fact that I just passed my bar finals examination lol… Also, I am  an arbitrator and most recently a blogger  😜 😉

I teach children as an aside and I am part of a professional club that organises charity events.

You may wonder what I am doing on your cyberspace… I am basically at home, warming up for my call to bar ceremony and National Youth Service Corps posting. But dad is pretty busy, mum is not around,  my siblings are not around, I have basically seen all the movies on my laptop and I’m bored out of my mind. I started to think of fun things I can do which led to thinking about my friends and acquaintances and all the wonderful people God has brought into my life then,  I realized that most of them as young people have started  to carve a niche for themselves and are doing good. Their names may not ring bells now, but hey! you just have to watch out.

I want to encourage talents and young entrepreneurs who have started with their visions and are of great inspiration to me and other young people around the world, to know that we can start from where we are with what we have. So, I intend to feature a ‘youngstar’ every week to see what they are doing, where they started from and how far they have gone. You too can be featured, so sit up and enjoy the ride with Bee.

As appetizer or dessert 🍰 (whichever comes first),   other topics will be featured like legal news and tips, beauty and relationship talks, economic and political discussion, trending news and more (you can read up on ‘about Bee’s Buzz ‘ above).

My dream is to hear the name of every ‘youngstar’ featured here buzz around the world, so consistently that it becomes a household name. That there will be a network of achievers that are not let down by the seemingly bad economy.

For fun; I love music, it is so unfortunate that I cannot sing. I love to travel and I love to try my hands on kitchen recipes. I also love to organize programs and do charity.

Philippians 4:13 keeps me going

Here is a big thank you to Halima Bakenne (you literally walked me through this process) and Ebbi Charles for taking out time for this. God bless you guys, I totally love you 😍